Too much fast food could be causing depression

The fatty acids from fast and processed foods could be a cause of depression—and eating more fish could be the antidote. Although there are many possible reasons why people get depressed, an imbalance of fatty acids could...

Viagra can cause permanent eye damage

Viagra may help your love life, but it isn't so good for your eyesight. Taking too much of the drug...

Gum disease linked to Alzheimer's

Long-term gum disease could be a trigger for Alzheimer's, new research suggests. The bacteria from poor teeth and gums help...

Four drink-free days a week could help you live longer

Having three or four drink-free days a week could help you live longer. Drinking every day—even if it's just one...

European research from the Max Planck Institute for Human Development in Germany suggests that city dwellers who live near nature experience positive effects on their brains compared to their purely urban counterparts, especially on the amygdala, the brain’s integrative center for emotions, emotional behaviour, and motivation. When we think of stress or fear responses, we should be thinking of the amygdala.

Have you heard of “Nature Deficit Disorder”? Author Richard Louv created the phrase in his book Last Child in the Woods. NDD refers to the disconnect that exists in the modern world between children and nature. It also reflects what many teens, adults, and seniors are experiencing in our busy lives. Many of us are spending too much time in the ever-expanding and enticing online digital world of social media, emails, and YouTube videos. We are losing our connection to ourselves, to nature, and even to other humans (meeting or speaking face to face). Our senses are being dulled from lack of use and our brains are overstimulated and overloaded, resulting in mental, physical, and emotional exhaustion. Thankfully, there is a solution: A daily dose of Mother Nature can help bring balance back to our busy, stressful lives.

Amidst the majestic coastal mountains, epic waterfalls, and warm beaches of Costa Rica, the first Sustainable Living Expedition was, for me, the educational adventure of a lifetime, and there are many more on the horizon.

As a member of the team, my role was to provide hospitality, accompany guests on excursions, and write about our collective experience. Fortunately, the entire eight-day event, from February 27th to March 6th, was very well organized, and everyone seemed to have a wonderful time.

Alexander Hill, a nutritionist from New York City, described the event as “an incredible week of valuable information and wisdom for a new paradigm.”

Designed by social benefit organization Upward Spirals, the program helps guests create action plans for transitioning to a more sustainable way of living. Field trips to nearby projects showcase both innovative and low-tech systems of renewable energy generation, natural building, food forestry, organic farming, holistic education, regenerative business, and community development. Local experts provide valuable knowledge and practical experience with demonstrations and hands-on workshops.

At the end of the experience, participants are equipped with a flash drive containing an extensive sustainability learning library with thousands of guides, plans, tools, and other digital resources to assist them in creating a regenerative future. By empowering visitors with systemic solutions while supporting local projects, the Expedition strengthens the local economy and ecosystems worldwide.


Third of 'gluten-free' options in restaurants contain gluten

Be warned—gluten-free food served in restaurants may be nothing of the sort. Around a third of meals listed as being...

Lack of sunlight could be key to obesity epidemic

Is a lack of sunlight one cause of the obesity epidemic among children? It's certainly a possibility after vitamin D...

Antibiotics raise risk of heart disease and cancer

Although antibiotics can be life-saving drugs, they also raise the risk for a range of other serious chronic conditions, including...

Aspirin-a-day does more harm than good if you're healthy

Older people are advised to take an aspirin a day as a just-in-case therapy to reduce their risk of heart...

Cleaning products could be causing infants' obesity epidemic

Household cleaners and disinfectants could be the cause of the obesity epidemic among infants and toddlers. The...

Delicious vegan and vegetarian high protein meals

One of the greatest dietary myths is that vegetarians—especially vegans—don't eat enough protein. Nancy Addison serves up three good sources...

Avoid this painkiller that increases heart risk, researchers warn

There are plenty of painkillers you can buy in the pharmacy—so make sure it's not diclofenac, marketed as Cataflam and...

Changing your mealtimes is a sure way to lose weight

Changing the time when you eat breakfast and dinner could be a quick way to lose some body fat. ...

'Independent' researchers have shares in drug companies they're testing

Independent drug trials aren't always quite so independent. Researchers are still not revealing the pay-outs they're getting from drug companies...

Cell phone radiation could explain diplomats' mysterious illness

The safety of microwave ovens and cell phones has been thrown into question by a scientist who has been reviewing...

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Primal Panacea

by Thomas E. Levy Primal man benefited from a powerful cure-all that continually coursed through his blood vessels. This substance — made in the liver — protected him from an overwhelming list of health challenges that, until recently, were rare causes of death. Due to a genetic error of metabolism,...

Death By Calcium

by Thomas E. Levy In this book, Death by Calcium, board-certified cardiologist, Thomas E. Levy, offers scientific proof that the regular intake of dairy and calcium supplementation promotes all known chronic degenerative diseases and significantly shortens life. Written for both the layperson and scientist, Dr. Levy explains the dangers inherent...

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